14 October 2011

REVENGE: I Know Why Sammy the Dog Is Still Alive

The biggest question that's been asked about Revenge isn't why Emily is so determined to avenge her father.  The biggest question isn't what the Queen has done to her family.

The biggest question would have to be: WHY IS SAMMY STILL ALIVE?

This is Sammy.

In the series, Emily got Sammy when she was 9.  It was a birthday gift from her father.  Sammy was just a puppy of a few months. Back then, Emily went by the name of Amanda.

Upon her return to the Hamptons, seventeen hellish years later (which makes Amanda/Emily 26 years old), Sammy is now owned by Jack, her childhood playmate. We know it IS the same dog because he's never forgotten Amanda (now Emily), even when Jack hardly recognized her.

Doing the math, Sammy would have to be a really old dog. He is 119 years old, after all. And yet, there's Sammy every week on Revenge, running around and looking young and active.

So why is that?

It's simple.


Not aging is a dead give-away. We know that now. Vampires do not age. And he's got fangs. Of course, every Vampire's got fangs.

Show the readers your fangs, Sammy!
But what really convinced me about Sammy's secret as to why he's never aged?

It's Jack.

Jack is stupid.

He can't think for himself. (Do you think he should sell the bar?)

And he's that guy who says lines like:

"These are from Sammy. 
He's saying thank you for bringing him home last week."
He's done this more than once. And yes, it's lame. :P Sammy says this and Sammy says that... Go back a few episodes and see how many times you'd hear him speak for Sammy in this manner.

And then it hit me why.

Jack has been compelled.

By Sammy.

Which is why Jack can't think or speak for himself! He's been put under a spell by a vampire.

Ergo...Sammy, the lab who hasn't aged, is that VAMPIRE DOG.

Jack is my bitch, Bitch!

And that is why Sammy still lives.