19 October 2011

Random Observation: Ringer Season 1, Episode 6

I don't exactly know how fast the world revolves on Ringer. I seem to recall Bridget telling Gemma it's been two weeks.

But in the sane world, where the Bridgets are easily discovered and young boys needing their parents DO exist (those imaginary kids of yours, Gemma & Henry!)...it's been six (6) weeks.

Six weeks and Shiv's pregnancy (or Bridget's non-pregnancy, for that matter) has not been properly addressed.

Andrew, Shiv's husband, does not offer to go with her to the OB-GYN and see if everything's okay Henry, who IS the father of her baby, doesn't seem to have the same enthusiasm for this as well. Your wife/lover tells you she's pregnant and you do nothing more than --- say you're happy? :P I learned of a friend's pregnancy and the first thing I asked was --- WHAT DID THE DOCTORS SAY?

Anyway, I know this show has bigger problems than addressing the pregnancy.

BIGGER than this woman's belly in this photo:

Sarah Michelle Gellar, when she was pregnant IRL

Where does one begin fixing Ringer?