15 October 2009

Scoot Over Addison Forbes Montgomery, Emma Pillsbury is now my TV Fashion Icon

The other reason why I love watching Glee, aside from the singing and the dancing?

I'll give you a clue --- she's cheeky, she's colorful, she's this doe-eyed retro-geek you see in all these photos below.

She's Emma Pillsbury, the adorable Guidance Counsellor and Glee's resident neat freak. Does she not have the cutest sets of clothes and accessories?? Ever?

Jayma Mays, the actress who plays her, calls the style "quirky-chic". There's plenty of adjectives to describe it ---- prim, vintage, classic, retro, geeky. It's so unlike my previous fashion figure of choice, Addison (Kate Walsh), who usually wears these sophisticated designer clothes  on Private Practice.

Lou Eyrich is the costume designer for Emma and the rest of the cast of Glee, who last week dressed the girls up in eyelets, laces and sunshine-y yellow:

And because of this, I've been obsessing on vintage clothes on Ebay, finding the perfect Emma blouse.

Must. Resist. The. Urge. :P