09 October 2009

Picked Up: Cougar Town, Modern Family, Middle

Back! But not in the full swim of things yet. Things are still not back to normal here. We're experiencing rotating blackouts and that gets in the way of TV watching.

Anyway, just popped in to post this news... Cougar Town, Modern Family and The Middle have been picked up for a full season.

Via Ausiello:

An ABC rep confirms that the network has extended full-season orders to freshman comedies Modern Family, Cougar Town, and The Middle.

Despite experiencing some slippage last night, all three shows have performed solidly in the ratings. Creatively speaking, they’re firing on all cylinders — particularly Modern Family, which continues to live up to all my the hype.

No word yet on back-nine pickups for fellow newbies FlashForward, Hank, Eastwick, and The Forgotten.

Three episodes down and I'm seeing less of Monica Geller on Courtney Cox in Cougar Town. She really got into the role quite well. What did I say the first time? She is so comfortable doing comedy better than drama. I still keep hearing "Emmy!" in my head when I watch her.

I'm kinda liking The Middle, which I didn't expect I would. Reminds me so much of Malcolm in the Middle, alright, but I don't mind..it's still funny and entertaining. The youngest kid who whispers to himself? Adorable!

Save for the pilot, haven't had the chance to watch the other episodes of Modern Family yet but I do like this one, so am glad it's getting a full season. Hooray!