13 October 2009

Aus Idol: Single Ladies Fever and a Single Lady Who Needs Make-Up Tips

The song, Single Ladies, has been played many times, copied many times, done many times...it's everywhere. People have the Single Ladies fever and I guess it's that kind of song that will never get old now. I do not especially like Beyonce all that much, nor am I a big fan of any of her songs, including this. But when you hear it often enough, you're programmed to like it no matter what.

The other week, I heard it on Glee. I have yet to get the song out of my head when this week, someone from Australian Idol chose it for Big Band Night. It's a risk to sing this with such a theme, but because Stan Walker's got a beautiful tone and melody to his voice, it paid off:

I enjoyed that, but I liked this performance for Big Band night better:

And one of them chose to sing Sinatra's My Way which sounded odd but heartfelt and vulnerable, it makes me ambivalent. Did I like it? Hate it? Was it bad? Good? You judge:

Fun, fun night. Yet no one really made the hair in my arms stand, unlike in past seasons.

Anyway, something has been bugging me for the past weeks watching this show.

Someone ought to fire the host's Ricki-Lee's make-up and hair stylist, please. I mean, why would anyone let her come out on TV with her blush looking like a clown and her eyes looking like a raccoon? Seriously.

Such a good-looking lady but, the hair and the make-up? Awful! I know she's only in her late 20's but....