04 August 2006

Previews of Upcoming TV Shows (2006-2007), Part 3

I'll do this short and quick....or probably just quick. There's just too many pre-airs out there, I'm like this crazy dog salivating.

Anyway, some one week or so ago, was able to watch previews of these:

1. Angriest Man in Suburbia - he's not so angry to me. My husband can do the rule better. He's the grumpiest man over here. This comedy has potential though. Might tune to it, but will not be so bummed if I miss some episodes.

2. Our Thirties - this is a sitcom for audience in my age bracket. Unfortunately, it's bad. Pass!

3. Rules of Engagement - this sitcom is just as bad as #2. Pass!

4. Hidden Palms - Desperate Housewives meets OC meets Dawson's Creek. Three series I no longer watch or have never watched. Suprisingly, I found myself liking Hidden Palms. But like #1, not gonna be bummed missing a few episodes.

5.Still Life - good story. Very good story. Weak delivery however. Hope this one improves.

6. Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip - I love it because of Matthew Perry. I love it even more because, he's so good here. Must watch!

I have yet to see:
Angela's Eyes
Secrets of A Small Town

but I read that they're not especially good, so yep, my copies are just sitting there.....

Of the 3 previews, and about a dozen new shows, I can only say which shows I will tune to exactly:
Studio 60 on The Sunset Trip

All the rest I might watch when the season is over, or never watch it again.