21 July 2006

Previews of Upcoming TV Shows (2006-2007), Part 2

Following my post earlier - Previews, Part 1, here's an early peek at more new shows premiering in Fall 2006-2007.

The Class
To air: September 2006
Network: CBS

They say it will be the new FRIENDS.

I say crap.

In a nutshell: The first episode starts off with a guy calling his classmates from the 3rd-grade. Apparently, just a year or so ago he re-met and fell in love with one of them, and now wants their engagement party to be meaningful. So he decides to call his 3rd-grade class for the engagement party/reunion, and even managed to track down and invited one of their former teachers.

Additionally the other characters include:

Duncan (Jon Bernthal), who's still living at home with his mother, wants to see his first love Nicole (Andrea Anders), who's now married to a football star (Eric Allen Kramer); Holly (Lucy Punch) has some harsh words for her then boyfriend but now gay Kyle (Sean Maguire); Richie's (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) suicide is literally interrupted by Ethan's call; Kat (Lizzy Caplan) goes just to mock people; and Lina (Heather Goldenhersh) looks to recover from been dumped by her boyfriend. At the party, the group more or less reconnects - Duncan and Nicole discover they still have chemistry (and that her marriage is on the rocks); Kyle apologies to Holly, just as we meet her closeted husband; Richie finds a reason to keep going in Lina; and Kat finds herself in damage control after Ethan's girlfriend dumps him in front of everyone. Presumably, said events will now cause the group to cross paths on a regular basis

--- The Futon Critic

Why it will be hit: All signs point to it being not (a hit). On top of the annoying laugh track, the comedy is old school sitcom style, one that's already getting outdated.

Why it may not work: see above.

It's a lot like: Just about any sitcom about a group of friends.



The Nine
To air: October 2006
Network: ABC

The first few lines of the opening scene led me to think it's something ala-Lost. Am I right or am I right?

In a nutshell: Nine people are held hostage for 52 hours in a bank. Some of them know each other because they are either: officemates or clients; a relative; or a couple who came to the bank together.

The first 10-15 minutes of the show is all about establishing the characters. What follows next is the rescue scene already. The actual hostage scene, all 52 hours of it, is deliberately not unfolded in the first episode. Which will leave viewers wondering what happened inside the bank and among these nine people. Because when they all got out, it seemed like their lives and their relationships have taken a 180-degrees turn. Where there was once love, it's now indifference. Where there was once fear, it's replaced with confidence and zest.

Why it will be hit: Again, like Jericho (see Preview, part 1) there's that element of mystery. A viewer would want to know what really happened within those 52 hours and why these people have changed because of it. it makes quite an interesting story, doesn't it?

Why it may not work: Obviously, this is a type of show where, if the story is not developed well, it will end up being one big mess. Also, the preview hints of bad writing.

It's a lot like: Clearly, it is capitalizing on the success of Lost. But who knows how this one will end up. And yes, clearly, we will get a lot of flashbacks.


To air: September 2006
Network: CBS

I thought it was about lifeguards or Jaws TV. Boy, was I so wrong.

In a nutshell: Shark is a defense lawyer who has a reputation for winning his cases all the time. He handles a lot of high profile cases, mostly involving high profile people. His most recent case involved defending a wife beater who was found "not guilty" of attempting to murder his wife because, as Shark defended, he did beat her but did not plan on killing her since husband himself called 911 for help upon realizing wife was beaten up badly (gago no?). One week after winning the case, the husband, who is, by the way, a professional hockey player, ended up beating his wife yet again...leading to her death.

Carrying this guilt of letting a killer off the hook, Shark went on indefinite leave. Until the system beckons him and he is back on his feet, this time with an army of misfit lawyers to help him with his cases. Apart from getting back into the game, he also has to teach his team to learn to work with him and win cases. Predictably, he wins the latest and very first case his team and him handles together.

As a supplemental story, Shark has a 16 year old daughter who, in this preview, had to choose between living with her mother or her father (Shark is a divorcee). This relationship shows the softer, human side of Shark the cutthroat lawyer, and therefore creates the balance to his character.

Why it will be a hit: Actually, to me, it is just your garden variety courtroom drama. That is always a sure bet, though.These types of stories do well in the ratings.

Why it may not work: There's nothing new here.

It is a lot like: Shark is like the House (another TV Show) of the Justice system.


To air: September 2006
Network: The CW (formerly UPN)

Are you familiar with The Fugitive (Harrison Ford)? Well, this one involves a whole family.

In a nutshell: Dad is accused of murder. He didn't do it, of course. The ones who really did it are putting a mark on his wife and their 3 kids if he talks. But the police doesn't know that and still believes he is the murderer. So he moves his whole family to another town. There the family assumes another name, another identity and tries to fit in. And they have no records whatsover, saying to curious neighbors, it all got destroyed by the Katrina tragedy. In the meantime, the FBI continues their manhunt for Dad (played by Donnie Wahlberg) and his family.

Why it will be a hit: Mildly interesting premise, cleverly written plot. And you gotta love Donnie Wahlberg's performance. It really has a potential to become a hit.

Why it may not work: I doubt that it won't. I have nothing but good vibes for this show.

It is a lot like: It could become a lot like Prison Break - Season 2, which actually starts it's fugitive premise a week earlier when this show premiers.

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