18 August 2006


Hooh boy.

August is turning out to be a roller coaster ride.

As I type this, my head is literally spinning. I don't know if it's from the lack of sleep or I'm already hungry or if my sugar is down. But... my.head.is.spinning!

What's with this month? Why is everything happening on this month? Really, is some force out there playing with my destiny, thinking maybe I need to stretch myself out more because I've not been doing enough (ha! what an understatement!). When it rains, it pours nga.

I know it is wrong for me to complain. Whatever it is that comes knocking on our door brings in the dough to send my boy to school, bring food on the table, pay the massive bills (ang mahal na ng lahat, dyoske!!) and spend for our addiction (m&TV dvds weeeh!); and I appreciate this and I know I should be grateful. But dear lordie, the bum in me's asking: when do I get to rest?

Just this morning, very early in the morning, my dad tells me that I get into real estate. I'm not exactly going to sell, ha! I'm so bad at that. I'm just going to tie up with this group and do their marketing stuff, with a bit of computer flair. I'm no tech goddess, but what they need, I think I can do naman, or they think I can do. Hahah. I don't know, my dad sold me to them.

So yep, even as I complain my butt's getting too much activity from all the things I have to do, and I'm literally spinning, I did not turn down the opportunity. Yes, stretching myself too thin, some more...Buti sana kung pumayat ako nito (wa epek pa rin!)

Then again, who knows nga naman, opportunity may not knock on my door again. Sayang yun, pambili rin ng DVDs ko yun!

DVDs I need to collect (from what I can remember), putris am so behind!:

Scrubs - The Complete Second Season
Scrubs - The Complete Third Season
Seinfeld - Season 5 and it's succeeding ones
Prison Break - Season One
Grey\'s Anatomy - Season Two

* sigh *