17 August 2006

My fave Idol show is back and some other musings...

Where have I been? I have actually forgotten my password to this blog because I've not been logging in as much.

Don't get me wrong, I still watch a lot of TV. In fact, the one thing I never fail to do is TV. I can forget paying bills or doing my chores, but TV? No siree, I will not. Even when I'm dead tired or whatever. Over the last few weeks, my husband and I took turns getting sick, felt like we've been cursed. I get better this week, he develops something then he gets sick; then when he's okay, I again get sick. But the one thing always constant? Yup, the TV!!!

On top of that, work has been piling up on top of each other. Suddenly, we're high on demand. This is one thing about being a jill (and a jack --- the hubby) of all trades: people say you own your own time when you're working for yourself, or freelancing. Whoever said that is crazy. We don't own our time. In fact, we can't control it when we have to work way beyond bedtime. :P

Anyway, work has been coming in here and there. I don't know where this is from. It's like there's an imaginary sign over us, an arrowing pointing down with a sign that says: give them loads of work! Some cosmic force, maybe?

So, with that and whatever hell is going on here, here I am working my schedule around TV shows that I shouldn't miss. Hee! It's a good thing we still get to deliver what the clients need.

As I've said, I can miss a project, miss paying bills, miss obligations here and there and make up all sorts of excuses, but even if hell breaks lose, I could never miss TV. It is that bad. So bad, I think I've seriously lost lots of IQ points already. Been recently catching up with my college buds, and I realize how much of a bum I've been compared to them! Haha. K's a rural bank president, G's doing commercials for the Brits, many of them earn regular double digit figures and what about me? I'm talking TV shows to them. Haha. What a role model I am for my son!

And yet, here I am, still mad about TV.

Anyway, the latest one I'm regularly tuning to is my favoritesssssst Idol show. In two weeks time, this show will be aired daily. So imagine what my schedule would be from then on. Plus Fall season is coming, new season premieres, whooohoooo! Ugh, obligations get in the way of my couch time!

Here's a sneak peek at Australian Idol 4's amazing crop of talents. This year seems to be the best among all four years of AI: