02 March 2006

March 1 TV Frenzy


My back feels like it's been stitched with tons of bricks inside. I feel so drained and tired. What a TV frenzy it was yesterday, a Wednesday.

On any other day, I would be able to do a lot....and still be able to relax. I can watch as much as I want to, I can take work however loaded I want it to be, I can even do household chores.

But Wednesdays...if people stress over Mondays at work...I stress over Wednesdays. So much so that on special and unexpected events and occasions falling under this day, my schedule's all messed up and I go on a frenzy. There's just too many things to do!!! And for some unexplainable reason, they all happen on a Wednesday, ALWAYS!

Here's what was in it for me yesterday:

- I had tons of work...had to help out with the hubby's business (I had to do in between all these)
- I had deadlines (I also had to do in between all these!)
- I had a relative over from the province and it was her birthday yesterday so we had to celebrate and I had to prepare for her (lunch, prep and eating time at least 2-3 hours)
- I had to wash my son's uniform as soon as got home, so he'd have something to wear tomorrow (20 minutes on the machine...okay, that? My fault, I could've washed one a day earlier but I was saving on soap, water and electricity....I'm a pratical mom, to a fault!)
- I had to help him with his homework (at least one hour)
- My son begged we watch at least 2 episodes of Seinfeld together (at least an hour)
- I had to prepare dinner (microwavable! But preparation at the table, 20 minutes tops)
- There was an earthquake and I had a moment of panic!

And of course, MUST NOT MISS....for other people, they can do without this...but am not other people! Hehe!

- It was the second semi-final round of American Idol (1 1/2 hour...I watched the 6 PM broadcast)
- It was the premiere episode of The Amazing Race (2 hours...I watched the 10 AM broadcast while doing work, and I watched the 8 PM broadcast, in full concentration mode)
- And it was the night Rustom Padilla chose to tell the world he is gay. (1 hour...it was not my intention to miss it!)

By the time it was 12 MN...I felt my back already giving up. I was just too tired.

This morning, I dozed off even if I had the alarm on, that my son was almost late at school....

If I were a cartoon, I would be Bugs Bunny, on fast forward, doing everything all at once.


By the way...a couple of TV thoughts before I do my whole Bugs Bunny routine again (It's still not done!):

American Idol Girl's Night - Blah! My husband sums it up for me: Ang babaduy nila pumili ng kanta. I was mighty disappointed. If only a lot of people got to watch this!

The Amazing Race 9 - Looks promising, I love many of the players this time around, seems like many of them have interesting personalities, including the dorky ones! My favorite show is back.

And finally, full transcript of Rustom's out-ing HERE