29 March 2006

Doing a Jack Bauer

I can never quite imagine Dennis Haysbert as a gun-trotting agent. To me, he is best fit for the role of a president, sitting behind a desk, making life-changing decisions and getting involved in a lot of politics. Jack Bauer he ain't.

Which is why, watching his latest series, The Unit, didn't have the same effect on me... compared to when I was watching him as President Palmer on 24. I was just not convinced he can strike on terrorists. I was more convinced he can give orders to strike on terrorists.

A friend informed me of the fact that Dennis Haysbert, as an actor in his early years, used to played "agent/police roles". He used to carry guns and killed the bad people; or became one of the bad ones himself. But that was just it, in those roles, he never stood out and just stayed in the background. Supporting cast only. "One of the Pips to Gladys Knight".

I cannot picture him as the chief of a sting operation; although I can picture him as the Commander in Chief.

I make take awhile to warm up to this series:

The Unit is a covert team of U.S. Special Forces operatives who must undertake missions around the world.

Recent "The Shield" collaborators David Mamet and Shawn Ryan have been given a green light to produce the drama pilot, which now is running under the title "The Unit." The project, which previously had a put pilot commitment, chronicles the lives of the members of a special forces unit and their families. Mamet will write the pilot script and executive produce the 20th Century Fox Television-based project along with Ryan.

The Unit
Season 1 Episode 1 - First Responders
Original Airing: March 7, 2006
Network: CBS