23 February 2006

Just updating...I'll get back to regular TV blogging soon

On cable ---

- Prison Break has premiered last Monday on the Crime/Suspense channel. It goes on at 10 PM
- My Name is Earl comes to Jack TV very soon
- Seinfeld will replace F*R*I*E*N*D*S reruns in a couple of weeks, on Star World. Incidentally, my Seinfeld DVDs have been playing in my DVD for two weeks now. I'm introducing my son to this show, he is sporadically watching it and fortunately, he gets the show about nothing!

Everything else ---

- There is little to watch or pick on p2p (torrents) because it's the Olympic fever
- I am missing a lot of Conan O'Brien...is it still on ETC?
- We still don't have ETC 2nd Ave. Darn. I want my Ellen!!!
- PBB Celeb Edition is heading towards sucksville and I'm only watching it out of habit
- I am crushing on American Idol's Ace Young. He brings out the 16 year old in me. Hahaha!
- TAR9 on Feb 28, the Philiminator (and maybe even his bulge, haha) is back in one week's time.

And how was TV for you the past weeks?