25 March 2006

And I thought this only happens here!

Pinoys normally complain that local networks tend to milk popular shows every chance they get. They tend to also milk from whatever is the trend --- be it a personality or an event.

Take for instance PBB (Pinoy Big Brother)...because it is such a popular show (is it, still?), there was a time when it was all you see on Channel 2 (it still is!). You click to ABS-CBN and it's there, morning, noon and night. The housemates are all there, in almost every show imaginable.

Think this happens only on Pinoy TV?

Think again.

BB is a guilty pleasure in other countries, too. So popular in fact, that they even held a game show which consisted of popular Big Brother housemates (Ding! Should give ABS-CBN another idea! ).

Here is Australia's Brainiest Housemates:

Australia's Brainiest started as a Kid's show.

The format was taken from the British series entitled Britain's Brainiest Kid. The show was publicised through Australian primary schools, with children sitting an online test, some of these taking a supervised written test, and some of these appearing on the show.

It evolved to become a series, with different sets of people (e.g. housemates, footballers, musicians, etc) competing for the big prize.

Australia's Brainiest Housemates
Original Airing: February 26, 2006
Network: Channel Ten