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26 November 2012

Site Hiccups

A few months back, I signed up for NuffnangX's Social Blog Stalking app without any clue as to how it works. Turns out, it messed up my commenting system, which is why I kinda missed publishing and acknowledging some of these comments:

Nachobing was responding to this post: TV Style: 2 Blondes and a Red Dress on REVENGE and 666 PARK AVENUE  and it relieves me to know that I'm not the only one confused about these two horror shows we're watching. I get the feeling, Bing has already stopped watching these like I have. (Am I right?)

Kay replied to this post on Sara Rue's Transformation in MALIBU COUNTRY, which has gotten a lot of us curious. I admit, I'm tempted to have another peek, as much as I dislike the show. And only because I wanna see Sara again. Maybe I'll do just that this weekend!

Finally, Sheila posted this reply in an earlier post on only the coolest show ever. Sheila and I watched the whole 6 seasons of Lost. Reading her comment made me really giggle.

The comment system is back to normal and I would not dare use that other system again. It's confusing to navigate around it and the whole flow is all messed up. I hope someone from Nuffnang is taking notes. :P


  1. Wow, yay!! balik sa dati. And I was laughing while writing my comment earlier. I knew you would get it. haha!!

  2. Panoorin mo siya dito, may talent pala siya, hindi lang extra! LOL