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03 October 2011

It's a miracle! ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT is back from the Dead!

A show that's been long cancelled is coming back from the dead. And I literally had goosebumps as I was reading news about it.

Jason Bateman on his Twitter, said:

TV shows doing a Lazarus rarely happen. As far as I'm aware, Futurama's the only other show that's done this. 

Cancelled by Fox in 2006, Arrested Development left TV with a cult fan base that incessantly:

1) blamed Fox for taking away the funniest comedy on TV and; 
2) wished the show could continue to air somewhere else.

My 13-year old loved the show so much, he too, was disappointed it ended with just three seasons. 

As early as 2008, rumors about a possible movie version was ripe online but nothing ever panned out. 

But now, we have this. 

Like any miracle, this is gonna be glorious! 

And my son and I can rejoice! 


  1. WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! I sooooooooo loved Arrested Development! I'm soooooo happy babalik!!!!

  2. Ang tagal pa!:( But better that than nothing at all. Can't wait! We get to see the Bluth family again.