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07 April 2006

The "Unwatchables"

An old friend asked me once if there were TV shows I do not get to watch. She must've pictured me glued to the idiot box all day long because I have admittedly been babbling TV to her all the time, she must've gone deaf (sorry na nga! ) or she may have thought of me as an idiot detached from reality (I relate everything to TV, it's sickening once you get to know me better).

I do get to turn the tube off, at least four or five hours in a day (coz sometimes I just turn it on for the "ambience"). And I don't get to watch everything. I say this with deep regret because I want to be able to watch everything! Too much TV is not enough. If I a genie granted me three wishes I'd wish for a big TV, lots of time on my hands and all the shows I can watch! --- I envy a few people I've come across who can spend a lot on original TV-DVD boxsets, and still eat three times a day.

Anyway, going back ... to answer the question, "Is there anything I do not watch?"

I would have to say --- just about the same amount of those that I do watch and maybe even more...of course even more. (Ano ako robot, zombie? I need to sleep and eat and socialize too...although, okay, not when my favorite shows are on!)

And here are just some of those I do not/did not/never did/have stopped watch(ing):

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Series (Seasons 1-7)Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar) - I could never understand why there is a niche for this TV show. I tried watching once but I could not get pass the high school setting. People have been telling me the script and the dialogues are witty (an element I look for in a TV show) but I just couldn't finish the first season. So, while every cool person I know (cool, at least in my world, the TV geek's [kuno] world hehe) was into Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I wasn't. And when they begin talking Buffy and I could not relate, at times I felt like the high school outcast no one wanted to be friends with. For the record: I did love Joss Whedon's (Buffy creator) Firefly (so very much!).

2. Smallville - The Complete First Four SeasonsSmallville (Tom Welling and that pretty girl that was once on everyone's avatar in some forum I often visited before)- Okay, once again the high school setting turned me off... Slthough I would have to say, I wasn't turned off by Veronica Mars' high school environment and yes, they tell me VM is like Buffy... in fact VM is the new Buffy (Why I can sit through VM and not BVS, I don't know... but they're supposedly a lot of similarities, as I'm told). Anyway, Smallville was a show my 37-40 year old friends loved to watch. They do tune to it like crazed teenagers. I once again got to watch the first few episodes at the time it premiered but it just didn't stick with me. So come four or five seasons (?) after, I still do not have any idea what the show is about, except I know that Tom Welling is Superman and that's just about it.

3. Survivor All-Stars - The Complete SeasonSurvivor (Jeff Probst) - I've religiously watched this one like it was my faith. No one could disturb me during live feeds and I would get all pissed when they do. It was the very first reality show I got myself addicted to. Survivor led me to discover a TV niche on the internet. There were all sorts of TV addicts out there and I was part of the Survivor group (that gradually grew to other groups). Until after the All Stars show (Season 8), and then I just got tired. Today, my TV group is still there, in fact, they've grown in number. And I, I just got tired.

4. Desperate Housewives - The Complete First SeasonDesperate Housewives - I just got tired of it, too. After one season. It just got..... tiring. It's even too tiring to write my reasons why. As much as I love Felicity Huffman, her presence is not enough to keep me interested with DH long enough to see how Season 2 ends. I quit midway.

5. One Tree Hill - The Complete Seasons 1 & 2The O.C. - The Complete First Two SeasonsThe OC and One Tree Hill - I've never gotten the chance to take so much as a 5 minute peek at these shows. Even as I'm told The OC's okay, as it is the 90210 of this decade (90210 --- I did watch a lot of back then). You can throw in Dawson's Creek here, too. These are the types of show I pass on.

So, there... just some of my unwatchables. Lovingly dedicated to you who asked if I put down my remote at all.

One of these days I'll come up with a list of TV shows in another category: Those that I would like to watch but never got around to doing it.

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