17 February 2014

[True Detective] I learned a new word today: McConaissance

I didn't know this word "McConaissance" existed prior to watching True Detective. I wasn't keenly aware of Matthew McConaughey's reinvention or comeback as an actor.

I wasn't a fan.

While I've seen his critically-acclaimed and heavily-nominated performance in Dallas Buyer's Club, and okay…I thought he was good in it, I was not "dazzled" by it.


True Detective made me change my opinion of him. And now I understand all these praises he's getting.

This guy is so good in the series that I really worry for Bryan Cranston's chances of bagging the Best Actor trophy at the Emmy's this coming September. It would be Cranston's last chance of winning, because Breaking Bad is done, thus, never getting a nomination ever again. But here comes this guy, and the chances of him taking the award instead of Cranston? Is highly probable.

Watching him get lost in his character on True Detective is having me absolutely dazzled this time.


Have you seen True Detective? It's outstanding!

While the story isn't completely fresh, and some say it's reminding them of Hannibal,  the show makes great use of other elements, like the camera shots (the director's eye --- so powerful!) and the dialogues (the writer's brain --- so deep!).

The actors, like Matthew McConaughey, also bring so much that I really think they're playing off each other's greatness. Not one bad egg in the casting couch. Everyone has delivered so far.

Here's one of my favorite scenes, with Matthew and Woody Harrelson, from the third episode:

I'd say True Detective belongs to a class in itself because somehow, it just doesn't feel right lumping it in the same calibre as other TV greats like Breaking BadThe Sopranos, or The Wire.

It's really just different. Good-different.

But watching True Detective is also a challenge, I have to say. Sometimes, there's stuff that goes over my head because it is just so profound and my brain cells can only take so much. But I think it's partly why it's appealing to me. I enjoy reading up on an episode afterwards and process what has happened, and then be completely blown away by some of the conclusions from fans who are also loving this series.

Yep, this show is a thinking show…and boy, we don't have a lot of that these days!

If you want to catch True Detective, it's on Sundays at HBO. In the Philippines and in Asia, it airs one week after a new episode.

The series is only eight episodes short and five have already aired as of this writing. No matter how short, however, it is quality television that shouldn't be missed out on.