22 February 2014

Philippines on HOUSE OF CARDS Season 2

Hey, Francis! Hey, Mr. Vice President... can you see me waving at you from the Philippine map? :D

Kevin Spacey's character on House of Cards is looking into the map of Asia.

I'm currently on the last 3 episodes of House of Cards Season 3. Initially, I said I would be pacing myself. Although I didn't binge-watch as fast as other viewers, who've actually gone through all 13 episodes in ONE day, I had not planned on having to finish this show this fast.

This series, while not exactly the best show I've seen, is very, very addicting. As it is in real life, dirty politicians make for interesting stories, no?

Are you also watching House of Cards? I think the second season is a lot better than the first, would you agree?

(Okay, let me go back to the show now. I really what to know why a lot of those who've already seen it freaked out afterwards!)