25 October 2013

PERSON OF INTEREST: We need to talk about Ms. Shaw

Person Of Interest has been ripping it this season. On its 3rd year, the show has undergone some cast changes, which other viewers haven't been too thrilled about. Personally, I think it has made the show fresher.

This week's episode (S3 E5 - Razgovor) was a big turning point for the show for two reasons:

First: when Agent Carter revealed to her rookie partner (Laskey) that she had always known what he was up to, spying on her for the enemy:

"You don't work for HR anymore, son. You work for me now." 
Laskey peeing in his pants.

Second: when we got treated to a backstory for Samantha Shaw (Sarah Shahi)...which makes her my person of interest for this piece.


Introduced in the middle of the 2nd season as a cold-blooded government assassin, Ms. Shaw somehow ended up working with Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson).  I keep forgetting --- was Shaw asked by Mr. Finch, or did she just keep showing up? No one can figure her out.
Ms. Shaw from Person of Interest,
who probably owns stacks and stacks of black shirts.

Ms. Shaw appeared to be devoid of any emotion, which makes her great at what she does (killing people). But for someone who's obviously pretty, she has the charisma, the manners, and the grooming habits of a boulder. Which is to say that all of that's nonexistent (thus, killing her social life).

Her odd behavior was only briefly mentioned in one episode as an "Axis II disorder". Which could be anything, really.

Her backstory this week revealed that she was always detached and emotionless, even as a young child. To me that says she isn't "damaged" because of any painful experience. Her disorder could be inborn, and most likely? Without any cure.

While Ms. Shaw sounds like an intimidating terminator bad-ass, it's pretty clear that the writers and the actress playing her are having fun with this character.  Because now, with Shaw (hopelessly) trying to assimilate herself as a team-player with Reese, Finch and Carter, her participation provides some of the amusing bits to a series that is, otherwise, dark and serious.

She's so odd and socially-inept that when asked to do the normal stuff with the others, she ends up doing it in the most awkward manner. I actually like it when Mr. Finch reminds her to behave like civilized person sometimes. Her addition makes the show so much more interesting because she's an unlikely comic relief. And even with that little backstory, there's still so many to be discovered about her (like, why is she really there?).

I didn't use to enjoy Person of Interest in the earlier seasons that much.  But this year, something has really picked up... enough for me to say that next to The Good Wife, the show is probably one of the better drama series I watch on broadcast TV right now.

Ms. Shaw demonstrates how duct tape
 really works with everything!!! 
Actress Sarah Shahi (Ms. Shaw) with real-life husband Steve Howey
If he does do a guest spot, my only request is that I get to kill him.”

Do you watch this show and are you enjoying Ms. Shaw's contribution?