18 October 2013

Appointment TV: 5 New TV Shows You Should Be Watching [Fall 2013]

And so, after watching at least three to five episodes of TV shows that premiered in the last month, here are some solid picks of shows you should consider following and keeping in your schedule:

Broadcast TV

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Aired episodes so far: 5
Network: Fox

A friend asked if the show hasn't lost its touch since the season premiere last September and I honestly couldn't come up with one gripe or criticism about it. I'm sure there are, but it's easy to overlook the show's faults when I find myself laughing and enjoying it every week.

Plus points: No character can be disregarded, because you can count on anyone of them for the laughs. Although there's this underlying fear that Andy Samberg would come off too cartoonish or over-the-top, or the girls would come out awkward or constrained...nothing like that is happening.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine delivers. And what's more, I'm closely seeing how it could be the successor to Parks & Recreation. There are plenty of similarities. They even have a "Jerry" in Hitchcock!

A sample of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's brand of comedy

2. Sleepy Hollow
Aired episodes so far: 5
Network: FOX

From the very beginning, I've already enjoyed Sleepy Hollow. The concept is utterly outrageous, but who cares? The more ridiculous it is, the better it seems to be because, as this article puts it, it's not afraid to embrace what it is.

Plus points: Ultimately what works for me is the chemistry between the two leads, when I thought they would be mismatched in the beginning. Giving this show a shorter season sounds a lot like a good idea, too. Because this way, it won't lose its direction or reach its saturation point faster.

Sleepy Hollow is the first new show to get a second season renewal. It's making the network happy, the way 24 did during its run.

Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie from Sleepy Hollow

3. Trophy Wife
Aired episodes so far: 4
Network: ABC

My first impression of this show wasn't great because the pilot had its problems and I was still trying to get a sense of what it's about.

I first thought it was a Modern Family clone. But a few weeks after, with obvious tweaks here and there, Trophy Wife found its bearing. While I think the show isn't completely without its little issues ---- one being that the Trophy Wife is actually the weakest character (right?) --- it is slowly becoming a show I look forward to watching every week.

Plus points: The Asian kid. Where did they find this guy? It doesn't seem like he's in the show to work as a child actor. He's so natural!

Trophy Wife's Bert is a joy to watch! 

Cable TV

4. Masters of Sex
Aired episodes so far: 3
Network: Showtime

I've programmed my brain to love this series no matter what because I think it's a show that embraces feminism (girl power!). And also because it has Lizzy Caplan, whom I've been wanting to see star in a TV series again.

Plus points: Fortunately for me, it is a well-written series, with the right mix of science and drama...and of course, nudity and sex. I also enjoy how the story builds up slowly but surely, much like a good foreplay. Hah!

Sex can be a racy topic, but this series does it so tastefully, with a roster of capable actors on board.

Just a regular day at work on Masters Of Sex

5. Hello Ladies
Aired episodes so far: 3
Network: HBO

Hello Ladies' concept isn't original. There's too much of squirm TV and loser dorks wooing women going around in the small screen ever since. Admittedly, this type of series isn't gonna be on everyone's list. But I'm still recommending it because Stephen Merchant is a talented genius.

Plus points: You know what I really, really love about Hello Ladies? Its opening sequence. I think it perfectly sums up what it's about and shows how creatively superior it is. In case you're curious to see it, there's a bad copy of it on Youtube. Critics, for the most part, are unimpressed by Hello Ladies, but I have had so many laugh-out-loud moments watching all of its episodes so far. I'm really enjoying those little surprises.

Hello Ladies is also presented with that dry humor Brits like Merchant are famous for. The show is actually based on his previous stand-up act.

Stephen Merchant can't win with women in Hello Ladies

Next stop: I'll be writing about Disappointment TV.

All photos are not mine. They're from different Tumblr account reblogs.