21 October 2013

MASTERS OF SEX Title Sequence: How Dirty Was My Mind? [With Video]

I asked this question on Twitter early today because I was reminded of the opening sequence for Masters of Sex. I caught the short segment while watching the third episode, which aired last week.

The first time I saw the title sequence, I honestly couldn't say if it made me appreciate the creativity behind it, or it made me wanna laugh... to feign the awkwardness I felt. Crazy enough, I was watching by myself, without any minors in the room and so, I  had no reason to feel awkward about it. But there I was, laughing nervously.  It brought back feelings I've only felt in high school. Like at any minute, nuns would be calling me into their office to berate me for watching what the sisters would qualify as "dirty".


A 45-second clip turned me into a mess!

It took some time for me to gather my bearings and assure myself that...well, I'm actually an adult in a 17-year relationship. Who's had a child. Nothing in the clip should've rocked my core so!

Now, you would probably understand all this if you've seen the opening, too.

So, can you watch the video below and let me know I'm not the only one who was conflicted about what I've just seen?

Are you done?

So, was I overreacting or was I entitled to have such reactions?

Should I send my congratulations to the people behind this genius concept, or should I bathe in holy water now?

To the show's credit, there really is nothing smutty about Masters of Sex and I've said the same thing quite a number of times to anyone who would ask about it.

I find that they treat the subject of sex and the science behind it with a fragment of class and sophistication. And it's not just about the physiology of it, there's also the psychology behind the characters.

However, after watching all four episodes so far, I find that the show is actually a slow-starter and to some extent, a bit dragging, I must admit. Then again,  Mad Men, which they say is a lot like this showwas also a drag early on, only to become engaging in the later seasons.

The first four episodes of Masters of Sex have been playing along these storylines and not much is moving forward yet:
  • Masters isn't getting good results from his study, which has been on and off quite a few times in the series.
  • Masters treats his wife (Libby) and his assistant (Ginny Johnson) like they are beneath him.
  • Masters has control issues.
  • Masters has no people skills, but is a great doctor and surgeon.
  • Masters has daddy issues and pent-up feelings.
  • Johnson is a "progressive" person who isn't ashamed about her sexuality.
  • Johnson is not in control and has no direction in her life.
  • Johnson is no doctor, but she has a way of charming the patients and their study subject, which is why many of them agree to be on it in the first place.
  • There's an obvious sexual tension between Masters and Johnson, but I don't wanna know if this will lead somewhere. So, I'm staying away from reading spoilers or accounts on the life of the real Masters and Johnson until after the first season. 
But here's hoping its narrative will build up in the coming episodes, just like Mad Men, and live up to its promise of being the best new drama show to come out this season.

I didn't notice how the E in "sex" actually looks like a crotch. Clever!
From the 3rd episode of Masters of Sex

From the 3rd episode of Masters of Sex
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