13 February 2013

TV NEWS: Suits, Walking Dead, TV Pilots and Renewals & More

My week is starting out crazy, so I had to slow down with watching TV.  And what's that like for me? It's like I'm down with fever! TV is my vitamins! But real life stuff are piling up, so I've got to attend to it first. Booo!

Anyway... these are the TV news stories I've gathered and posted up on Twitter for the last three days.

I like what the show's producers said about The Carrie Diaries here | via TV Guide. "It's great to blast out in the first episode, but I'd rather grow. To become something, rather than to be something and watch it just sort of linger." Wish it was the same for Emily Owens MD.

Meet the teenager who will play Mary, Queen of Scots in REIGN | via Deadline. The series is airing on The CW, TV Season 2013-2014.

GLEE's Jonathan Groff will star in an HBO show about gay men | via Huffington Post.

Someone from SUITS is coming to the Philippines?? I heard it first from my friend, KV | via Jack TV Facebook.

The return of JERICHO? | via HuffPostTV. Before REVOLUTION, there was JERICHO.


THE WALKING DEAD returns to astonishing ratings! | via Entertainment Weekly.

Sawyer from LOST (Josh Holloway) is returning to TV with this CBS drama | via Deadline.

Singer John Legend is producing a TV Show, an FBI Drama | via Hollywood Reporter.

A Montana television station's regular programming was interrupted by news of a ZOMBIE apocalypse | watch it on Youtube.

"7 best (and worst) theories of what caused REVOLUTION's blackout" | via Blastr.

CANCELLED: BBC's The Hour, which only lasted 2 series. | via RadioTimes.

NBC drops to #4 again | via NY Post.

Meet Raj's girlfriend on THE BIG BANG THEORY | via BBT's Facebook Page.

THE FOLLOWING loses followers (viewers) every week | via Entertainment Weekly.

Your TV List is going to be full with these upcoming drama shows | via Hollywood Reporter.

Watch a series of teasers for the upcoming series: VIKINGS | via Buddy TV.

The deadliest TV Show on air? THE WALKING DEAD, according to this via Hollywood Reporter.