16 February 2013

TV NEWS: More reunions, The Vatican, Hannibal, Ron Weasley, Zero Hour & More

Valentine's Day happened this week and on TV, this was probably what I liked best:

Sue and Darrin in THE MIDDLE
Sue's had two boyfriends before this guy, but looks like the first real relationship she will be on. I do love how Sue's grown up on this show. She's still as clueless as ever, but her little bubble is expanding. Are you following THE MIDDLE? You're missing out of something fun, if you aren't.

On with the news...

Showtime's THE VATICAN (timely!) casts the Pope's confidante. No news on who will play Pope yet | via The Hollywood Reporter. But apparently, the lead character isn't a Pope, but a Cardinal. And he will be played by none other than Kyle Chandler | via Deadline. Such a huge fan of Kyle Chandler's work on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.  This brings me back to a time Kyle Chandler won Emmys for Best Actor & Minka Kelly took a knee for Coach. :) Watch:

"Power Ranking the Friday Night Lights Cast’s Current Careers" | via Vulture.

Pilot News: Ron Weasley is doing TV, people! He will star in CBS’ SUPER CLYDE | via TV Guide. I hope this gets picked up and I hope they won't let him do an American accent.

Home Improvement reunion happening on LAST MAN STANDING | via E!Online. I am excited!  This one's last week's news but I didn't tweet this yet: Cosby Show reunion happening on GUYS WITH KIDS | via Huffington Post. Then of course, there's that FRIENDS reunion happening on GO ON sometime April. And that FIREFLY reunion which happened on CASTLE this week. I loooooove all these little reunions! :) TV's the best!!!

Neal Patrick Harris says he wants to do SURVIVOR. Jeff Probst is extending challenge to other celebs | via People. Make it happen!

THE KILLING Season 3 just got very, very interesting with this new addition | via Grantland. I skipped watching Season 2 after that disappointing first season ender. But I am going to be on board for Season 3. They should make up for past mistakes by now and give viewers what we deserve.

 Uh-oh! HAPPY ENDINGS. I have no more words. |  via Huffington Post.

KILL THIS SHOW NOW! “Glee's Most Shocking Episode Ever? Someone's Pregnant, and Two Girls Hit the Sack!" | via E!Online.

"Lifetime Developing ‘Cleopatra’ Miniseries" | via Deadline.

ZERO HOUR didn't do well by debuting on Valentine's night | via HitFlix. I checked out the show last night and was impressed by the concept. But I think it has a weak cast. That's another show gone to waste then?

Heads up! HANNIBAL is set to premiere April 4 on NBC. There is a lack of TV teasers for this, when I'm aware that production for this series has been on since early last year. Why are there no teasers or promos yet? I may have missed something in the news, but I do remember Hannibal having had delays in finding an air date. It's like the network doesn't want it aired.

Last night, I decided I'll stop watching THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. The show's all over the place now. I know the series is a fantasy, which means any plausible event can take place. But it's just starting to get ridiculous. It's hard to focus when the writers also do not have focus with the way this show is developing. What about you? Quitting any show this week?