07 February 2013

Daily TV News: House of Cards, Mindy Kaling vs Lena Dunham & More!

Surprisingly nothing that interesting is popping up in the news lately, which is why I can barely do the "daily" TV news round. Anyway, here's a rundown from the last three days...

13 episodes of HOUSE OF CARDS already out. Binge-watching can lead to: 6 stages of "House of Cards" grief | via Variety. I've seen three episodes so far and...yes, it is quite good. I consider any show that tackles power-grabbing as good material. There's a lot you can do with the plot.  But the most compelling part about House of Cards is that it has the right person to lead it (Kevin Spacey).

REJOICE!! "Courteney Cox Heads to Matthew Perry's 'Go On'" | via The Hollywood Reporter. We have been waiting for this ever since Go On started, right? Only, this may be an indication that the ratings for Go On aren't really making NBC happy so they have to pull this stunt. What do you think?

Tracking THE FOLLOWING's Natalie Zea's TV career | via Vulture.  Started loving her on Dirty Sexy Money 4 or 5 yrs ago. I thought that show was one of her best works.

10 TV Comedies That Got Better with Time | via Buddy TV. I liked that this list includes THE NEIGHBORS, the lone freshman show on it. Speaking of The Neighbors, it's likely going to get a renewal | via TV by The Numbers.

'Gilmore Girls': Where are they now? | via CNN. A few of its stars are still doing TV.

TV's most-wanted stars for fall 2013: Hugh Laurie, Rose Byrne, Rainn Wilson | via Entertainment Weekly.

See the liner notes on Robin Sparkles' long lost CD | via Vulture. Her return the other night drew 10 Million viewers for HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER on CBS.

"New Girl’s kiss was thrilling, but it kills another “friendship ’ship”" | via The AV Club. I haven't seen the episode after that kiss, so I don't know how the aftermath was dealth with. Did you like that Nick and Jess have crossed this line, though? For those who don't like this show, read this and reconsider: "In Defense of New Girl (Hear Us Out…)" | via Village Voice.

Who do Mindy Kaling and Lena Dunham think they are? | via Spectator Tribune. I was watching THE MINDY PROJECT when it  occured to me that Mindy Kaling's direct competition is Lena Dunham. Both women are top writers and creators of their own show (Dunham for GIRLS). And I like watching what they've done. So, I asked this last night on Twitter, about who viewers prefer between the two:

And I got this reply from a Twitter friend, which I actually agree with:

I do get tons of laugh from Mindy's antics on her show. She went for RomCom and she aces this genre. But as far as depth goes, Lena, fucked up as her character is on her show, often hits it right on the mark. She speaks for her generation's angst and issues. I don't like all those drama, but more often than not, those issues are very real.

"Nobody Likes SMASH" | via The Atlantic Wire. Last night's 2nd season return bombs. This probably means no more 3rd season, then?

John Corbett (Aidan on SATC) has a new show | via TV Guide.

With the success of HOUSE OF CARDS, Netflix is doing a TV show on this guy next | via Deadline.

This actor is gonna do comedy for his next TV show. And I think it's a good move for him! | via TV Line.

The cast of Just Shoot Me, reunited | via Vulture. Remember this show?