02 February 2013

Daily TV News: 30 Rock, Carrie Diaries, Smash, Sherlock & More

"The Wonder Years premiered 25 years ago today. See what the cast is up to & what they look like." | via Huffpost TV.

A possible problem develops in filming Sherlock's S3 | via The Sun UK. Series is set to return in the fall.

Lena Dunham from GIRLS is creating another TV show inspired by Bergdorf Goodman's personal shopper | via Deadline.

TV Ratings: "FX's 'The Americans' Opens With 3.2 Million, Topping Recent 'Horror Story'" | via Hollywood Reporter.

If  THE CARRIE DIARIES gets 2nd season, young Samantha, Miranda & Charlotte are set to appear | via TV Guide. CW, let's make this happen!

A  30 ROCK infographic details how influential this show has been in changing TV landscape | via Vulture.  Also, some more tributes to the show and its creator: "Why Liz Lemon Mattered" | via The Nation and "Did Tina Fey change anything for women on TV?" Tina Fey's legacy | via Slate. I have only seen 2 seasons of this show but I am grateful for Tina Fey.

"How “Smash” Became TV's Biggest Train Wreck" | via Buzzfeed. I don't think this show is all bad so I can't relate to the hate-watchers. I've already seen the initial episode for the 2nd season and it was also okay. What could I be missing about this show that everyone's griping about?

"8 TV gripes you should quit complaining about" | via Entertainment Weekly.

Sesame Street presents: UPSIDE DOWNTON ABBEY heheheh.

Last night's premiere of DO NO HARM on NBC was apparently the lowest-rated debut of a new show this entire season | via Entertainment Weekly. I've watched it and didn't find it appealing. But I always make considerations with pilots, hoping a show gets better as the weeks go. I'm not sure this is the case for this show. Also, NBC has been performing badly without THE VOICE in the ratings.

Renewed for Season 11: NCIS | via EOnline.

Steven Tyler Drops In to "Audition" on American Idol this week. I haven't been watching, are the new judges okay?