22 September 2012

TV Style: Ann Perkin's Owl-Printed Top on PARKS & RECREATION

I love how Rob Lowe's character, Chris, on Parks & Recreation would always call Ann Perkins (played by Rashida Jones) by her full name, even as he's dated her for a few months.

And I like how Ann Perkins' character has evolved over the seasons, much like Leslie Knope did.

Ann used to be just nice and straight, which meant that she was boring and did nothing much to make her presence significant to the series. But as the show progressed, her flaws and insecurities started showing. Something about Ann Perkins isn't always perfect, it seems. And it made her more interesting to me.

When she hooked up with Tom and decided to move in with him last season, I knew she was crazy. I'm just waiting for Parks & Recreation to show her character having a nervous breakdown. I can imagine Ann Perkins going the way of Rob Gordon in the movie High Fidelity, where she'll reassess previous relationships and where she has gone wrong with these men. Or why she's picking the oddest boyfriends, for that matter.

How much of a hoot would that be, if it happened on the show? And judging by this statement Rashida Jones' said about her character in a recent interview, I think that's where Ann Perkins is headed:
“Ann’s sort of the full-blown version of what she has been for the past couple of seasons. She’s having a little bit of an identity crisis and it incites some big questions that she’s needed to ask herself for a long time about how she approaches relationships.”
Speaking of "hoot"....

Last night's season premiere had Ann wearing this owl-printed top:

I knew I've seen it somewhere before and I searched hours for it last night, until I found it, although it's no longer being sold:

From Anthropologie

Anyway, I am so looking forward to Ann's story arc this year!

You gotta love Ann Perkins! :D