03 September 2012

AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 2 with Adam Levine

A few weeks ago, I clicked on the video of the very first teaser to Season 2 of American Horror Story (AHS) and had some regrets after doing it. When a series of teasers followed,  I made sure to stay away from reading or watching anything related to AHS. It's not because I didn't want to get spoiled, or I found the production below par. It's actually because... I was so freaked out and scared by the first teaser.

See, this is what I saw:

Twenty seconds of visual nightmare. Seriously, I felt like I was in a dream and I wanted it to stop but it kept going. Longest 20 seconds of my life! (Hey, I scare easy!!!) And if this is any indication as to how really sick this new season is going to be, then....OMG! OMG! Oh.My.God!

In fairness to...well, me (haha)... I was able to get through the first season fine. Once it was pretty clear what was going on, it bordered on lame towards the end of the show. But what was really scary was the opening/main introduction. I still can't watch that part even now.

Remember this? Chilling!

I'm still going to watch Season 2, though. With my eyes partly covered.
Because he's in the cast:

Adam Levine
It's his first real acting job! And I will NOT cover my eyes if he loses the jacket, jeans and the shirt. :D

Adam Levine on the left, playing a priest? Mercy me!!!

This guy is back, too:

Evan Peters
He stood out during the first season and it makes me eager to watch how crazy he's going to be this time.

Have you been watching any AHS Season 2 teasers online? I think theres about five short teasers now and I don't have to watch it to know that the clips won't tell much about what Season 2 is like. But it's enough to build up fear and anticipation.

The show returns on October 17th.