14 September 2012

TV Style: Juliette's Pretty Tie-Neck Blouse on GRIMM

I really liked reading The Possessionista's blog when she used to write about TV fashion a lot. Now she only discusses a few shows, many of them from the Reality TV genre, if I'm not mistaken. I still keep tabs of her site because once in a while, she has something fashion-related that I've been wanting to know the answers to. Like her latest post about the blouse Juliette wore in last week's episode on Grimm.

Read blouse's details from The Possessionista

In case you aren't watching the show (and you must...it has great stories!!), here's the blouse she's talking about and the blouse I was fixated on for a few days. I swear I saw something just like it at MOA last weekend (and I should've taken a photo, d'oh!):

Pretty, no? I mentioned on Twitter/Facebook that Juliette is looking more and more like a Disney Princess to me. This tie-neck blouse is almost close to this:

Belle | Beauty & The Beast
I can't remember admiring Juliette's clothes on the show before. This top is the first time I took notice of something she wore that really stood out.

Grimm, by the way, will be moved to Fridays beginning this week and aside from following how awesome Season 2 has been so far, I'm gonna be checking out what Juliette wears from now on, too!

Are you watching Grimm and enjoying it? What do you think is going to happen to Juliette and Nick? When will the "spell" come off?