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23 June 2012

TV Style: Leslie Knope's Anchor Printed Blouse on PARKS & RECREATION

So, I've gotten around to watching Parks & Recreation. Finally! I've been putting off following the series when the first season left me slightly unimpressed.

But after a bit of character tweaking, the show, which was created and written by the same people that did The Office (once a favorite of mine), Parks & Recreation was able to hold its own.

The lead character Leslie Knope, for example, was sort of like a blockhead in the first season. But in succeeding seasons, she developed into this public servant who could deliver results, no matter how insane her methods were.

And from a blockhead, Leslie also turned into a bit of an egghead. Which made me like her character better.

I've also noticed that as the season progressed, the way she dressed also improved. Like this anchor-printed blouse, which she wore just at the end of the 3rd season:

I don't wear clothes like this for work. But I would snag one like this, if I did!

Leslie Knope is played by Amy Poehler, who I loved on Saturday Night Live, along with Tina Fey. (Weekend Update, anyone?)

I could easily describe and commend Amy with words like funny and talented. But I could never consider her as sexy. Or at least I didn't think I could.

Not until Parks and Recreation. Especially when she came out looking like this in one episode:

The (coiffed) hair and the dress? Gorgeous! I saw a side of Amy I didn't really notice before and my admiration for her grew 10x more. Funny is indeed sexy! Amy's husband, Will Arnett, is a lucky dog.

Have you been watching Parks & Recreation? Give it a try if you haven't. Sit through the 6 episodes of a slow first season, because the episodes after that? Pretty hilarious!

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