14 April 2011

New Show Alert: The Next FRIENDS, circa 2011 --- "HAPPY ENDINGS"

Ever since FRIENDS went off the air, it seems like every new TV sitcom about friendship that ever came out was called as "the next FRIENDS". None came close to being one.

Seven years since, and I've once again come across a new show that's being billed as "the next FRIENDS". It never gets old, I guess.

Happy Endings is about an ex-couple and four of their friends. The premise is about dealing with being friends with your ex and the series stars Elisha Cuthbert (who everyone loved to hate on 24). The show is created by David Caspe. I checked the guy's credentials on IMDb and this is his very first TV series.

I'm a bit excited for this one, if only because most critics say it does fare well and may in fact be the FRIENDS of this decade.

I also like the fact that the girls on the cast are two of the better young female comedians I've seen in a while -- Eliza Coupe, who was on Scrubs and Casey Wilson, who appeared on Saturday Night Live.

Watch the 3-minute Teaser:

The show premieres tonight on ABC.