05 April 2011

I wonder where I can get Morgan's golden sandals on "Camelot"?

Alright, this isn't really blog post about a TV show but more like fashion and shopping. But when you have an epic series like Camelot where the costume is very much part of the story, you can't help but notice even the slightest detail.

I've been keeping my eye out on the earrings, necklaces and hair ornaments the women on this show wear. But I had to literally stop and pause when I saw the character of Morgan, King Arthur's half-sister, wearing this golden gladiator sandals:

It's gorgeous, even with just the partial view! I wonder who made this pair?

This Miu Miu is close, but it's in suede and has no zipper at the back:

They probably have custom-made footwear for this show, no?