05 April 2011

First Thoughts: THE KENNEDYS

The Kennedys, which premiered over ReelzChannel last weekend, is from a story that's been told over and over  --- in print, in the movies and in television. Whatever this show had to offer viewers is nothing new. We all know who they are and we've all heard, read and seen stories about America's "royal" family, however true or made-up these are. So, I won't go in to that.  Except perhaps to say that some writers and producers have done a better job of doing a story on the Kennedys than this. Produced by the team that delivered eight seasons of 24 (Joel Surnow, et al), maybe there's more to watch in the next few installments. It's only the first 2 episodes after all and we've got 6 to go.

I did, however, really like four things from The Kennedys, namely:

These three (3) actors --- Greg Kinnear, Tom Wilkinson & Barry Pepper --- who convincingly played JFK, JFK's father Joseph and JFK's youngest brother Robert. The assumed their roles perfectly.

The fourth one I liked? Would have to be Katie Holmes' lipstick (hah!):

What shade are you wearing, Katie O?

The make-up and wardrobe team did an excellent job transforming her into Jackie Kennedy. Her portrayal of her, however, left me unimpressed.

For now.

I kept thinking, if only to convince myself as I watch her struggle with her drawl/accent, that she was amazing and likeable as Joey on Dawson's Creek. That worked and she was bearable.

Critics have not been kind to The Kennedys. Even before the series aired it already struggled. It was in danger of never airing on television.  Despite this, ratings for the first two hours were surprisingly strong, setting a record for ReelzChannel.

Have you seen this or are planning to watch it soon? Or are you gonna pass?