10 January 2011

Seven Reasons Why I Know I'll Love "EPISODES"

Showtime's Episodes, this latest comedy series starring Matt Le Blanc (Friends) and created by David Crane (Friends creator) & Jeffrey Klarik (Mad About You, head writer) premiered last night.  Here are 7 reasons why I'm certainly tuning in for more:

1. David Crane, by way of loyalty to Friends. It's only my favorite show my entire life.

2. Matt Le Blanc, same reason as #1.

3. It also stars two British actors playing British people. Not British actors or Australian actors playing Americans or the other way around.

4. That the British people these British actors play are award-winning British TV writers, in a show that feels very British.

5. British TV writers are brilliant. And grounded. Also insane. But regular taxi-riding people. Even if they've won awards.

6. Tamsin Greig, the actress who plays the wife, Beverly, in this British TV-writing duo. She's very Maria Von Trap/Julie Andrews-charming to me. Maybe it's the hair. Or the accent. But she comes across as adorable, very smart and funny, all rolled into one. You're gonna love her.

7. This character, Myra, the network's Head of Comedy Development:

OMG, she is HILARIOUS!!! You have to watch the show, as in watch it right NOW, to "experience" why I say that. She's got that face on. All the time. And when she starts speaking? Funny!

Myra is played by actress Daisy Haggard. For just sitting there, I believe Daisy deserves an award.

Let me just say it again: She is HILARIOUS!

* I specifically picked 7 reasons because Episodes, as promising as it looks, will only run seven 30-minute episodes for the first season. I know --- bummer!