06 January 2011

After the holidays, TV's back! With more goodies!

There's considerably lots of good stuff on TV this week, with tonight being one of the best nights a TV junkie like me can look forward to.

The Middle, Better With You, Modern Family and Cougar Town are back.

And then I briefly read that Castle and Pretty Little Liars had significant episodes last Monday. Admittedly, I have yet to watch those. Stuff, like real life, got in the way of my TV viewing pleasure again.

And the one show (ONE!) I was able to watch with TV shows returning from the holiday hiatus was only How I Met Your Mother. Which was all worth it, in all fairness. What an emotional ending that was! Have you seen it already? Never thought Jason Segel could make me cry. But I was absolutely a wreck after watching.

This month also marks the season premieres of lots new programs, I'm getting that kid inside the candy store feeling! (Whee!)

Anyway, just thought I'd say hey.... so, hey!