16 November 2009

Sue Sylvester is in my Cafe at Cafe World

I know it may sound pathetic when I say I'm addicted to Cafe World. It's this game application available on Facebook that lets you run your little restaurant and I've been hooked like crazy. I just love decorating and redecorating, which I know I can do on Yoville or Pet Society (Facebook speak, sorry!) but this is the only application that's running faster on my laptop. :P

My cafe is named Cafe' Nervosa. Those of you who followed Frasier for 11 seasons may find that name very familiar. Although, I didn't follow Nervosa down to a tee. Its interiors are in wood, dark brown, dark green and deep red, as I remember it. But I fell in love with the French-y blue chairs they have on Cafe World and went with that instead.

Anyway, once in a while I have a customer coming in wearing a yellow track suit and has blonde hair. And she reminds me so much of Sue Sylvester from Glee!

Here she is in my cafe now. She's the one sitting at tables between the door and the counters:

THE Sue Sylvester is in my Cafe!!!

And yes, it is Facebook that's running my life now. :P