29 November 2009

Twilight To Spin Off To TV?

Funny news over this weekend.

Robert Pattinson is rumored to be heading to the small screen and is reprising his role as Edward Cullen, with the planned spin-off of Twilight on television.

If the reports are true, the actor stands to earn $1.5 Million per episode. It's actually laughable. As far as I know, no one is earning that kind of money on TV, these days...post-Friends.

The report also said, Twilight TV is set for airing 2010.

This guy on my small screen? ------>


For the record though, Twilight, the 2008 movie, IS actually going to be on (American cable) television next year, with Showtime buying the rights to air the movie franchise. The first one (that launch Pattinson to teen idol stardom) will air in January.