16 November 2009

2012 The TV Series? Say What????

Is this going to be a spectacle or a disaster?

Roland Emmerich develops '2012' TV series

2012 director Roland Emmerich has confirmed that a TV series based on the movie is in development.

The filmmaker's latest cinematic effort centres on mass destruction as the end of the world approaches, though he believes there’s "plenty to do in a TV show", Entertainment Weekly reports.

The 53-year-old also revealed that Grey's Anatomy producer Mark Gordon, who is also an executive producer on his disaster film, would be attached to the potential project.

Emmerich said: "The plan is that it is 2013 and it's about what happens after the disaster. It is about the resettling of Earth. That is very, very fascinating."

Gordon has reportedly begun talks with ABC about the show and he stated that the network "will have an opening in their disaster-related programming after Lost ends".

He added: "After the movie, there are some people who survive and the question is how will these survivors build a new world and what will it look like. That might make an interesting TV series."

A spokesperson for ABC declined to comment on discussions about the prospect of the film being adapted into a series.

I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have John Cusack, since he doesn't do TV. But, if Emmerich is able to convince him to? All the more reason to watch it.

(I have not yet seen the movie. Wouldn't know if Cusack's character died....I'm guessing he did. But don't spoil it for me.)