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20 February 2014

Why You Should Watch TRANSPARENT

I've been meaning to talk about Transparent, but I couldn't find the right words to sing my praises for it. I'm having a case of the lazy brain (which happens often, no surprises). No…actually, I've been too caught up reading stuff about True Detective (another show I'm singing praises for!) that it's draining me out and consuming me.

So instead,  I'll just point you to some links about Transparent to convince you why you need to check this show out:

Transparent is an Amazon.com released show. There's only one episode out for now, and the public will get to vote on whether or not the site should release the rest of the episodes. But because all of the raves and praises, it's easy to tell where this is going. The next episodes should be out in a few months.

The Transparent pilot is available online.

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