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29 October 2013

My inner Monica is not happy with this FRIENDS quiz!

I took this fun Friends quiz: "Can You Guess Famous Friends Lines From Just a Freeze-Frame?on this site and I was certain I would get a perfect score (10/10).

But I only got a 7 (seven! seven! seven!), which, to losers? Might still be pretty cool. But when you know you could score higher and yet you failed? It's the worst thing ever. (Okay, it's not. Death is the worst thing ever.)

My inner Rachel's defense? "Well it's a stupid, unfair question!" Okay, no... it's not. The quiz is pretty fun.

And what score did you get?


  1. http://vult.re/H4JY23?mid=hares

    I got 9 out of 10!! Woo hoo! LOLS.

    I missed the last one.

  2. I got 8 !!

    I honestly forgot the ATM Vestibile line.

    The other one - I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONE! I know I got it all right! Hahaha... LUTO!!

    Just kidding...

  3. I couldn't guess: "We were on a break!" Can you believe it? Hahah! Couldn't remember from the screen cap. Who was that girl with Ross?

  4. Yun din ang line that I had to take a hint! Kausap niya si Carol. If I remember correctly, that was the scene na pumunta si Ross kay Carol, then ate the anniversary dinner, tapos sila Rachel and all were going to go skiing. :)

    1. Now I remember that one!! Just couldn't recognize the screen capture! Hahah! Tricky quiz!!!