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04 February 2013

Daily TV News: Scandals, Elementary, Spartacus & More!

It's February sweeps, folks! I wonder which shows are going to shine this month.

Anyway, the news...

Why SCANDAL, now on its 2nd Season, has become a hit | via Big TV Fan. I am still trying to "get" this show. But I can't seem to get on board. I didn't really like the first season. Am I missing out a lot?

Why DO NO HARM had the worst premiere | via Deadline. I thought "worst premiere" was in reference to this season. But apparently, it's for the entire history of network TV. I would've asked for your reactions of the pilot episode. But since no one watched this, asking would be pointless.

This rebooted AMERICAN IDOL is actually better, according to this article | via Grantland. I currently have no plans of watching this show...yet. I do hear Keith Urban is doing great. Guess leaving The Voice Australia for this was a good call.

Why ELEMENTARY is worth watching | via Slate Magazine. Glad to say I stuck with it when I was thinking of quitting. The show has come around.

Enjoyed reading this interview with SPARTACUS' Liam McIntyre | via TV Line.

After 30 ROCK ended, what will its cast do now? Here's a rundown | via Flavorwire.

Look who has an interesting day job! | via Marshall Field Hills General Store. I kinda like how his small-town store looks, too

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