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12 April 2011

"Haha, Stupid!!!" --- Is my reaction to a scene from "CAMELOT"

While watching Camelot last night, I blurted "HAHA! Stupid!!!" out loud, much to my own amusement. I said it in a way that this guy from The Simpsons would usually say it when he's bullying Milton.

We were on the third episode of the series and in one scene, Guinevere was supposedly "giving up her flower" (Thank you, Monica Geller!) to her new husband, Leontes (who is actually Lancelot, but Camelot's creator thought Leontes is a better name).


Hours before her wedding to Leontes, Guinevere had spent time with Arthur. And by "spent time" I meant this:

Guinevere and NOT HER FIANCE
Oh, but she was worried (see facial reaction).

She knew that she was in trouble. She knew that her future husband (as in, just hours near into that future! She was gonna marry that night!) would know she's no longer a virgin.

So, she hatched an evil plan.

That night, as expected, the marriage between Guinevere and Leontes was consummated:


This happened in spite of King Arthur's disdain, by the way.

He presided over their wedding. But he was clearly pissed (see facial reaction) the woman he just had, uh, sexy time (hah!) with was right in front of him saying "I do" to one of his best friends.

You must know the legendary story by now. So back to the Honeymoon Suite...

Alright, after this:

Leontes went to pee, not a few feet away from his new wife...

And Guinevere took the chance to take something from under her side of the bed...

What is it?

Tadaaaaaaaah! It's blood!

From this poor guy...remember him? (Scroll up!)

And once Leontes saw the blood, he was concerned but he also smiled all-knowingly...

And that's when I said, "HAHA! STUPID!"

But of course, as pointed out by the husband watching it with me --- this was in a different time and they didn't know any better and women wore real chastity belts.

But I just feel sorry for Leontes because:
  • Lancelot is a better sounding name.
  • His new wife and his best friend, the King, are cheating on him.
  • It's the Days of Yore (Thank you, Rachel Green!) and his haircut is so 2010 Justine Beiber, which is to say....it's not hip when a grown man is sporting it.
Would you not feel sorry for him, too?

Anyhoot...I think I'm the only one who watched the episode and found it funny. :P Amusing thoughts aside, Camelot's still entertaining and the costume department is top-notch!

I love what they had Arthur wear...this deep blue and hunter green ensemble. I thought it looks current. A gorgeous man can wear this thing now:

And the women's jewelry? Gorgeous!!!

Have you been watching Camelot? Enjoying all the sex scenes, huh? LOL!


  1. the whole series has me laughing out loud. Merlin is so overdramatic, Arthur is such a scrawny teenager, there are so many pointless scenes of caped men riding urgently through the countryside.

  2. I'm glad to know someone else found this so funny! Arthur's brother would have made a better "Arthur", huh?

  3. Now now give them their artistic licence.After all,all thet did was rewrite the book.And not very well.

    1. XD rewrite the book. The arturian legend is not a book XD it's hundreds of medieval texts.

      On my side I find it rather entertaining, it's like playing whatsb their next licence :p

  4. I prefer Arthur's brother too to be Arthur rather than Jamie. Jamie looks like a teenager, Guinevere seems to be older than him

  5. Man oh man I love this! It's people like you who make things all the more clearer and light-hearted!

    But I do agree, the women's jewelery in stunning! Not as stunning as "The Tudors", but it's close :)


  6. The best part of the blood pour by Gwenny was the location. How on earth would it have gotten next to her arm?

    1. You do not know wha kind of position they used lol.

  7. I just want to thank you for clearing up the Leontes/Lancelot thing. I actually googled Leontes Lancelot? just like that and "poof" your link came up. I thought I was having a pre-senior moment and I'm in Canada and we don't really have normal TV here and no one else here knows what I'm talking about when I say "Camelot--the TV show" and I thought they might have me committed. So you saved me from being committed--well, for this week anyhow. Thank you.

  8. totally agree with you .... this serial look like a mix between the old "hercule" and a comedy as love bits...But maybe camelot is for a teenager public. Anyway, looks funny

  9. I'm not claiming to be a Camelot or Arthurian expert, but I think the writers just made up the character "Leontes," rather than switching the name with "Lancelot." The reason for my assumption is that didn't Guinevere cheat on Arthur with Lancelot when she and Arthur were married? Granted, I'm pretty much basing my entire hypothesis on "First Knight," starring Sean Connery and Richard Gere, and the fact that I'm pretty sure there are other made up characters in the show. Regardless, thank you for all of the comments above. The show is ridiculous!! I can't stop laughing! I think my favorite part is when Leontes decides he is all the sudden over Arthur banging his wife, goes back to save him, and sacrifices himself. As he lays dying, he simply asks for a "warriors funeral," and oh you knew what was coming next, a request for Arthur to "treasure her." I can't wait for Guinevere to cheat on Arthur next season with Lancelot. What a dramatic plot twist that would be. And by dramatic, I mean retarded.