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24 February 2009

Stop Looking Cal Lightman!

I think I know now what is it about Cal Lightman (Lie To Me) that bothers me.

It's the way he looks at a suspect upon interrogation. It makes one look guilty, when there's nothing to be really guilty of, or when it's "guilt" that doesn't have anything to do with the case they're trying to solve.

Either way, his stare makes one too self-conscious. Like he's dressing you down, reading your soul or something. It's so uncomfortable.

I'd be a nervous wreck if he was around and I was being interrogated. I would much rather have Jack Bauer interrogate me than Cal Lightman.

Do you like Cal Lightman's style?


  1. that's what makes it so intense... he MUST dress you down. he's looking for micro-expressions... little ticks that last for a nano-second.

    i'm hooked on this show, and tim roth is PERFECT for this role.

  2. ahhh amazing show... the episode about the arson was madd good!! especially the "oops" at the end... Cal Lightman is disgusting-alicious!

  3. I just watched the episode where he goes up against the serial rapist who blinds his victims. In one season, Tim Roth has created an amazing, interesting character, one of the best on TV right now. Like HOUSE, but for smart people. The way Cal Lightman operates, keeping everyone, even his closest allies, off-balance...brilliant stuff. Bravo, Mr. Roth!

  4. It's his unique style and accent, and the word choices that makes me love him even more!
    Lie To Me= Love for life<3