08 November 2013

HAPPY ENDINGS: What's the cast up to?

So, this is finally happening! Damon Wayans, Jr. returns for what was supposed to be a quick stop on New Girl, but he won't be leaving for a while...

Wayans Jr was originally part of the cast of New Girl but since he was doing two pilots at that time, he stuck it out and chose to stay on Happy Endings. Unfortunately, despite being far superior than most comedy shows (yes, superior even to New Girl), Happy Endings was cut from TV last season.

So, what has happened to the cast of Happy Endings now?
  • On top of this New Girl gig, Damon Wayans Jr will be busy next season with a new show he is developing.  Man/Child is a comedy about single fathers who move in together and strive to balance parenting and bachelorhood.
  •  Adam Pally is currently a regular on The Mindy Project, playing an OBGYN. He was "adopted" into the cast this season.
  • Eliza Coupe has a semi-regular role on The Millers, as the ex-wife. But she is also developing and starring in a legal comedy called Benched. Slated for next season on a cable network, the show is about a corporate attorney who experiences a nervous breakdown and now works as a public defender.
  • Casey Wilson has two shows in development in two different networks for next season as well. One is a comedy about fraternal twins (Mason Twins), while the other is tentatively called DINKS (aka double income, no kids).
  • Elisha Cuthbert and Zachary Knighton are the two remaining cast members without any notable projects set so far. Cuthbert got married over the summer.

The cast of Happy Endings


Haven't been feeling great all week. I've just recovered from flu but for some reason, I still have dizzy spells. I think it's coz of my colds, which has affected my ear & my balance (hence the vertigo). It also has limited my ability to smell. I can't even tell how stinky my dogs are, until people in the house were already pointing it out to me.

It hasn't been the best week either coz I keep receiving bad news after bad news about dear people I'm hoping will be able to surpass life's crazy challenges. 

And then there's this storm we're supposed to experience today. The biggest to hit the world this year! I can't even begin to grasp the magnitude of it! :(

Hoping for better days (happy endings?) ahead!