07 February 2012

FIVE Good Reasons Why THE VOICE is the Better Talent Show

It's new (kind of), it's fresh and more imporantly, it's interesting! You know why I love watching The Voice? Here are five good reasons:

  1. Those turning chairs with the red button on it? They look awesomely empowering! Like, if I wanna declare war on some country, I'd want to sit on that kind of chair and press that red button with firmness and enthusiasm! 
  2. Bad auditions? It used to be fun to watch. It used to be funny. Then it stopped being funny the moment every bad audition on every singing show tried to outdo Will Hung's audition. So, because bad auditions are so excruciating to watch now, The Voice did something else to keep audition rounds fresh and interesting --- by leaving out those tone-deaf, clueless aspirants off the air. Even the montage of those who failed at the auditions on The Voice weren't even bad! Other talent shows should take a hint, yeah?
  3. The acts/talents are truly sensational. They cover most genres and have something distinct about them. They really have the *cough* X factor *cough.
  4. Having the contestants pick who would coach them makes the audition process more engaging. A part of me always hopes that the singer I really, really like chooses to go with Team Adam, and when they don't... I go, "Owwwwww!" in front of the TV. 
  5. ADAM LEVINE! Adam Levine and his tattoos. Adam Levine and his jeans. Adam Levine and his hair. Adam Levine and his smile *sigh*. Can Adam Levine not wear anything while he's on that chair????? Throw in a little bit of Blake Shelton's impish charms, then I'm so sold! The male viewers of The Voice will probably echo this with Christina Aguilera...and her humongous boobies. Plus points if she can actually coach her twins to sing!

Last night's premiere of the second season of The Voice increased by 27% in viewership, thanks largely to the Super Bowl it followed.

On hindsight, NBC was right to have this show follow the big game last night, and then subtley have Aguilera's full bossoms flash on the screen now and then.

The Super Bowl ---- with 97% of the men as its audience. Way to lure in more viewers!