20 February 2012

AWAKE: Quotes from Closing Scene of Pilot Episode

I initially blogged about Awake in this entry and having watched the first episode today, I was really moved by the final scenes. Which is why I tried transcribing the conversation between the lead character and his shrink. (Though some of Jason Isaacs' lines were inaudible.)

DOCTOR(Psychologist): "Detective Britten, this fantasy is far from benign. While your brain should be resting, recharging, your subconscious is using it to hold up a detailed and complicated alternate reality. If we don't deal with that, this situation will eventually become unsustainable. Look at your hand...a moment of panic, of confusion has lead to do that to yourself. That's just the tip of the iceberg."

Britten takes a deep breath....

BRITTEN: "The thing is, doctor....yes, I still see my wife and my son. And I've also watched both of them lowered into the ground. When you see a loved one buried, over and over again, I would say you would do anything...anything to get them back. So, if you're telling me that the price of seeing them, feeling them, of having them in my life...is my sanity....it's a price I would have repaid. Hell, I'll come and see you and talk to you as long as they make me. But trust me, when it comes to letting one of them go, I have no desire to ever make progress."

There was also an unexpected twist at the end! UNEXPECTED TWIST!!!!

Have you already watched Awake? The first episode has been officially released online already, some two weeks ahead of its premiere.