04 August 2010

Nothing Good on my TV Last Night :P

Rubicon returned to TV last night, or technically, started its season with its two hour premiere. Like the first time I've seen the show, I'm still left unimpressed by it. To me, it seems there's something missing. For a show that's categorically called a "conspiracy thriller", I'm still waiting for that moment, that gripping, pulsating scene that should let my heart race or leave me on the edge of my seat. I wonder when it will pick up, considering the positive press release it's been getting (how it's the most watched original series premiere...which I think the press also said of Rizzoli & Isles!?!? These press statements are sooooo cooked up! :P).

Nikki Blonsky in Huge
I followed Rubicon with the latest episode of Hung, now on it's second season. I don't know where this show is headed. I now get why some people think it should get a make-over. The other characters are all getting their own sub-stories, that there's not enough of Ray and his life as a male gigolo anymore. Sophomore slump?

I was supposed to proceed with watching Huge again, which should have about five or six episodes out by now, but I've only seen the pilot. I started my TV watching so late last night, so I had to skip this for sleep, which was too bad because this morning I read a few more positive feedbacks from it. If nothing was good on TV last night, Huge is apparently the exception.  Maybe I'd get to this later then. And did I ever mention Nikki Blonsky is so amazing here?

So, anyway...what about you? What did you watch these last few days?