20 July 2006

Previews of Upcoming TV Shows (2006-2007), Part 1

Found some interesting Pre-Air episodes the other day and wasted no time checking it out. I sampled seven and liked one very, very much (Traveler). Here's a sneak peek:

To air: January 2007
Network: ABC

This has the makings of a hit. Mark my words.

In a nutshell: The story starts with three college friends, off on a roadtrip, the last summer, last opportunity to goof around, before they start real jobs and forget about having fun. Jay, Tyler and Will Traveler goes to a famous museum and dares each other to pull a prank and rollerblade inside the museum's premises (where any form of goofing around is prohibited, as one should know).

Will Traveler did not take on the dare but suggested instead to follow them while he videotapes his friends.... He didn't.

While the other two caused a stir inside the museum and was even chased by the guards for rollerblading (and they were able to get out laughing and quite pleased with their juvenile attempt)...Will Traveler remains inside the museum.

A call on Jay's cellphone... Will saying "I'm sorry"... then a bomb going off... marks the beginning of hell for these friends.

The entire 2nd floor of the museum is caught on fire, prompting officials to think it was a terrorist attack. And the two who rollerbladed through the premises --- Jay, a budding lawyer and Tyler, a magnate's son --- become the prime suspects.

And Will Traveler? FBI records show he does not exist. Jay discovers that all pictures he keeps of Will from their college parties are quite odd --- Will's face is either covered or he made it a point to hide from the camera. Jay doesn't have a decent picture of Will Traveler.

Who is Will Traveler? And who is behind this conspiracy?

Why it will be hit: Who doesn't love a conspiracy? The story is potentially enthralling and absorbing. It has a cinematic feel. The pilot episode seems well-thought of and everything just falls properly, storytelling is the key. And these boys are so good looking (and good actors too boot!) it's perfect TV.

Why it may not work: It will work.

It's a lot like: Because there's some edge-of-your-seat action, watching this show will leave you wanting for more, much like 24 and Prison Break.


To air: September 2006
Network: CBS

I'm not actually a fan of disaster stories. But hey, I tune to Lost even as I don't understand it half the time. I might tune to this one.

In a nutshell: Jericho is a small Kansas town, the everybody-knows-everybody sort. Peaceful, provincial and laid-back, it is the setting for what is soon to be the after-effect of a national disaster. Elsewhere, American cities have supposedly vanished because of a nuclear attack and Jericho townfolks have no idea they are the only ones who remain.

The episode opens with the main character, Jake Green, who just got back to his hometown for a short visit. His character is a mystery, he was supposedly away for five years. Where did he go? He vaguely evades this when townfolks ask him.

Jake has baggage. He has an issue with his Mayor-father and upon his return to Jericho, he sees the former love of his life and discovers she has a boyfriend.

Among other problems....

--- a bus load of kids and their teacher have gone missing and the locals are calling for the mayor's head; Dale Turner, a latchkey kid, gets a message that his mother has died in the blast - from a nuke on the other side of the country; Mayor Green's rival Gray Anderson is caught in the middle of potential looters at a gas station where a mysterious ex-cop (Lennie James) offers assistance; another bus - this time carrying convicts from a nearby prison is found empty; and Jake himself is injured in a car wreck with a rubbernecking driver. As one would expect, the various plots begin to cross paths with Jake being forced into the reluctant hero role as he stumbles across the missing children.

--- The Futon Critic

Why it will be a hit: There's mystery. It obviously is not just a family drama. Finding out what happens to the characters after a nuclear attack, and what that attack is all about, might just make viewers want to tune into this story more and more.

Why it may not work: Yeah, too cliche.

It's a lot like: For it's mysterious plot it has an Xfile-ish feel and for it's mysterious plot + mesh of characters, it's a lot like Lost.


To air: September 2006
Network: NBC

Xmen on TV? Oh wait, there was a Mutant X, a Birds of Prey and a score of other superhero TV shows. What makes this one any different?

In a nutshell: There are too many characters, which should not be a surprise, this is Justice League 2006...let's see if I've remembered all of them:

- There's the nurse who tells his policitian brother he can fly and big brother dismisses this. The previews show he tried to demonstrate to his brother, but in turn got surprised himself, his kuya actually flew!
- There's this very gorgeous but problematic mother of an 8-year old gifted kid. Sexy Mom is in debt and out of a real job, she makes a living stripping on the internet. Her special powers: quite unclear to me as of yet, but it seems she and the reflection of herself on the mirror are two people. Her reflection is a much more feisty version of her.
- There's the high school cheerleader who has great healing powers, similar to Wolverine. She just can't get hurt, physically. On the personal side, she belongs to what seems like a typical suburban family and has normal teen angst.
- There's a Japanese geek who can travel through space and time and may provide the comedy factor for this show.
- There's this gifted artist who paints what he sees in the future and does not like what he can do. So, in this preview, he cuts his hand in an attempt to stop this ability.
- There's the Indian guy, a professor who does not show any mysterious power yet, but is an expert in genetics and he could be the one person to bring them all together.

All this manifested on the day a total eclipse is about to happen...

Why it will be a hit: It's got a following already. There's a big market for superheroes out there. Also, there's that cinematic feeling once again. It's something you'd expect from a movie trilogy, the presentation is just awe-inspiring. How they will try to make this work on TV is something to look forward to.

Why it may not work: It could get messy. Too many characters to develop, too many plots to explain. It has to do a good job of telling a story.

It's a lot like: Any other mutant Sci-fi series or movie.

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