03 June 2006

In Your Eyes...

Now that there's nothing good on TV yet, I am currently following Canadian Idol's latest season (Season 4).

The thing about this show though is that even if there are a number (a great, great number!) of good singers on it, not a lot of people go crazy over the show the way people do with American Idol. I don't know why that is so. There's not enough star power, I guess, or not enough buzz (good or bad publicity - still publicity). It's just unfortunate, people are missing out on some really good performances.

Anyhow, two years ago, Canadian Idol (Season 2) had probably their best and most talented batch. I've searched for some videos at youtube and I'm sharing one of this today.

These are (in order of win) Kalan, Theresa and Jacob singing Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes. I particularly chose to feature this performance, realizing that the month of June just began a few days ago. In 25 or so days, John Cusack is celebrating his birthday (41st or 39th?). And in one of his earlier movies (Say Anything), this was the theme song they played in the background (and what a perfect song it was!).... and that scene is forever etched in my memory. I'm giving homage to JC, Peter Gabriel and CI 2 Top 3! See how I've cleverly tied these all together!

Anyhow, watch this --- Canadian Idol Season 2 Top 3:

*video upload is not mine*

In a couple of months I might be able to post the latest season's best performances...that is if I will find time to watch everything. Philippine Idol 1 is coming in July, same with Austrialian Idol 5 and The X-Factor 3. They're all starting almost at the same time, I know I'll go crazy!

And oh, yes.... Happy Birthday, Johnny!

Canadian Idol
Season 2 Top 3
Original Airing: Sept 9, 2004
Network: CTV