05 June 2006

I have to remember this day

I'm supposed to do an entry for something TV related...I'll do that in a while. I just felt the need to write something else down first.

For the first time in years, my bestest friend, someone whom I've known since I was 9 years old, finally sent me an email. I think I should mention that we were estranged for at least a decade. And the last couple of years we had to get in touch using "bridges"; our other friends became the messengers.

But to my surprise, I received an email from her just a few minutes ago. Direct. Not forwarded, not c/o. But direct. It was short and definitely not personal. She just thanked me for doing something for her, something which, before I got it done, was only relayed to me thru another friend.

Anyway, I don't know if things will ever go back to the way it was just because of this one simple gesture. I highly doubt it will. We're leading different lives now, when our story used to be that we'd be neighbors till we're eighty and our kids would grow up like brothers/sisters.

But I guess our story now has it's own happy ending. It wasn't what we wanted or imagined at 16 but current conditions withstanding, it's more than I could hope for.

Therefore, I have to remember this day. This is the day when T sought to reach me out not thru Z or the other girls. She sought to reach me out. There was no sorry or I miss the good old days or whatever, but she sought to reach me out to personally thank me. And I'll take the cue from there...


Anyway, this week I'm watching a couple of things:

1. Tour of Duty Season 1 DVD - Stephen Caffrey, whoohoo! Cheesy dialogues wehehe-booo! :P
2. ER Season 1 DVD - how the hell did I miss out on this show? Now I have to follow 12 (or 16?) more seasons!
3. Veronica Mars Season 2 - catching up on backlogs
4. Big Brother UK Season 7 - now and then I'd watch. It'll take too much of my time if I follow all the days!
5. Canadian Idol 4 - just to check out some really good singers but not too addicted to it (yet)

Speaking of BB7 UK, here is a clip I took of them discussing about FHM models or modelling for one... and one housemate who did. She took offense with what one housemate said. It's not so much what they said but how they talked about it. The accent just mesmerizes me. :D