21 May 2006

Close To Home


That one hits close to home.

And that is why I love, The Office...whether it's the USA adaptation or the original UK version. Tim/Dawn's (UK) or Jim/Pam's (USA, this video) story just hits close to home.

Okay, backstory...

Jim and Pam (or if you've been watching the UK version, it's Tim and Dawn, as seen in this picture to the left) are office buddies. They goof together a lot. They're each other's sidekick. When there's something hilarious going on in the office, trust that these two are behind it. They watch each other's back. Theirs is supposedly a platonic friendship. But, as Harry in When Harry Met Sally eloquently put it: men and women can never be "just friends".

Now the guy is hopelessly in love with the girl. But she happens to be engaged to someone who works in the basement (their office's warehouse). In the UK version, Tim only came to share his feelings for Dawn towards the end of the series (the finale). It is assumed that when that show closed, these fictional characters lived happily ever after --- together. In the USA version, and as seen in the video, Jim expressed his feelings at the close of Season 2. And so, there is still something to look forward to for Season 3. Will Pam break off her engagement? Will Jim fight for his love? Can't wait! Can't wait!

It's a classic story.

It's also realistic.

And, like I said, it hits close to home.


The Office (USA)
Season 2 Episode 22 - The Kiss
Original Airing: May 11, 2006
Network: NBC